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Living My Way

Living My Way takes an individualised and holistic approach to empowering members to live as independently as they choose.
Latest News Tags Living My Way is a trusted, member-based not-for-profit organisation with over 25 years’ experience in supporting people with disabilities to live a self-directed … https://www.disabilityexpo.org.au/news/living-my-way/

"It Felt Like a Godsend"

If you require service from people who are able to answer your call any time of the day or night, contact us at Care Beyond — because we really do go above and beyond.
Latest News Tags It’s 3am in the morning. My 10 year-old son wakes up and begins screaming out random words, waking up the household. He comes into my bedroom and sleeps next to my… https://www.disabilityexpo.org.au/news/it-felt-godsend/

Para Mobility Is Proudly Australian Made

Not only does being Australian made and owned mean that we value what our great country offers, we believe in the highest quality locally-made disability equipment, we employ Australian workers, but we can also offer great service and the highest quality …
Latest News Tags Para Mobility is proud to be an Australian made and owned manufacturer servicing the Assistive Technology sector in the Disability industry. Not only does being … https://www.disabilityexpo.org.au/news/para-mobility-proudly-australian-made/

Achieve Australia’s My Pathway

Members of Achieve Australia's My Pathway team support people with disability, families and guardians —from their first contact, through the journey of identifying and connecting with the supports and services required, and to ultimate wellbeing.
Latest News Tags Supporting people with complex needs The My Pathway group of services is the ‘front door’ to Achieve Australia.  Members of the My Pathway team support people w… https://www.disabilityexpo.org.au/news/achieve-australias-my-pathway/

You’re a Valuable Candidate for an Employer

At APM we believe there is a job out there for everyone who wants to work, whatever their circumstances.
Latest News Tags Looking for work? If you’re living with an injury, illness or disability and want to work, you probably already know how hard it can be to find a job. Not only … https://www.disabilityexpo.org.au/news/youre-valuable-candidate-employer/